What I can do for you

Marine Surveys

Recording of specific marine creatures in an ecosystem which can act as indicators of change, giving us key information about the health status of our reef systems if monitored over a long period of time.

Research Studies

Marine research is an expanding field of science as the health of our oceans is an early indicator of the health of our world. I have experience in the effects of temperature and carbon dioxide increases on coral species.

Marine Park Scientific Projects

I have experience in community projects associated with empowering coastal communities to better understand the need for sustainable marine ecosystems for their livelihood.

Coral Reef Lecturer

I have a professional level of knowledge in the science of coral reef habitats and the species of coral and marine life that exist on the reefs and depend on each other for survival.


As we rely on the economic benefits of a healthy coral reefs, marine scientists and scuba divers work together to remove invasive species such as the Crown of Thorns starfish.

You should know…

The oceans and marine life are under a massive threat from plastic debris.

What are ways we can limit our plastic use in the future?”

1. Think REUSABLE, not disposable

2. Avoid plastic containing products where possible

3.Collect plastics, and create your very own Ecobricks.

Tell your friends and families about what you have learnt so we can keep spreading the message!


The effects of climate change have a dramatic impacts on our reef ecosystems. Some coral species are tolerant to temperature increases but the vast majority are not.

Since healthy coral is a vital part of the ocean environment, restoring reefs brings great benefits to the waters around the world.

Marine biologists are developing coral nurseries to successfully transplant coral into reefs that have been damaged by severe bleaching events.