Hi, I am Chelsea Waters!

Marine Scientist and Founding Partner of the Institute of Marine Research

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Hello and welcome

Marine research is an expanding field of science as the health of our oceans is an early indicator of the health of our world. I have experience in the effects of temperature and carbon dioxide increases on coral species.

I have a professional level of knowledge in the science of coral reef habitats and the species of coral and marine life that exist on the reefs and depend on each other for survival.

I have experience in community projects associated with empowering coastal communities to better understand the need for sustainable marine ecosystems for their livlihood.

About me

What I can do for you

Coral Reefs

Gain valuable knowledge in understanding how the recording of specific marine creatures can act as indicators of change, giving us key information about the health status of our reef systems if monitored over a long period of time.

NGO Consulting

To provide training and conservation education opportunities for coastal communities, as part of an integrated programme to develop local capacity and ensure the long term protection and sustainable use of marine resources.

Student Mentoring

Providing advice to students looking to become involved in worthwhile marine science projects. I am able to coach a group of individuals effectively in diving and underwater survey techniques required to undertake marine research.

You should also know…

Marine scientists and trained scuba divers work together to rid the pristine coral reef of invasive species such as the infamous Crown of Thorns starfish.

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If you are looking for an skilled and energetic marine scientist, get in touch with me today. I am currently engaged in short and long term marine projects around Australia and the Philippines and come with a wealth of experience having worked at many other international locations.