NGO Consulting

Non Government Organisations or NGOs are able to provide training and conservation education opportunities for coastal communities.  Volunteers can become involved as Research Assistants in an integrated programme to develop local capacity and ensure the long term protection and sustainable use of marine resources.

In recent years I have become involved as  a founder of the Institute of Marine Research in the Philippines. We have developed many programs and an organizational structure which can be replicated to provide real benefits to the conservation of reef ecosystems world wide.

Marine Project Scientist…

I am currently engaged as a PhD student working on coral restoration techniques in damaged areas of the Australian Great Barrier Reef. The position involves studying and collecting live coral spawning as an aid to the rehabilition of bleached or storm damaged sections of the reef.

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If you are looking for an skilled and energetic marine scientist, get in touch with me today. I am currently engaged in short term marine projects around the Philippines and come with a wealth of experience having worked at many international locations.