Student Mentoring

Student Mentoring is an important part of my role as a founder of the Institute of Marine Research.

Having volunteered on many marine science projects in many parts of the world, there is much knowledge I can impart to students thinking a becoming involved in worthwhile projects.

Also, I have a thorough understanding of dive techniques as a result of completing PADI certification – Open Water, Advanced Diving, Rescue Diving, Dive Master and finally Dive Instructor.

As well as being a strong communicator, I am able to coach a group of individuals effectively in safe diving techniques required for undertaking marine projects.

As we rely on the economic benefits of healthy coral reefs, marine scientists work together to understand species of coral such as “fungia” that have high levels of resistance to ocean warming events.

Restoring the Reef…

Marine biologists are developing coral nurseries to successfully transplant coral into reefs that have been damaged by severe bleaching events. Scuba divers provide the underwater skills to implant the new coral into the damaged reef structure.

Get in touch now

If you are looking for an skilled and energetic marine scientist, get in touch with me today. I am currently engaged in short term marine projects around the Philippines and come with a wealth of experience having worked at many international locations.